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Information about the Local Organizing Committee

The Spanish Society for Sheep and Goat Production (SEOC) is a non-profit association, open to all professionals interested in these sectors, both meat production and dairy. It was created in 1975 by a group of lecturers, researchers and technicians specialist in animal production. It was born from the concern of these professionals on exchanging knowledge, promoting research, and above all, transfer the latest developments on these species to rural areas and the productive sector through its technicians. In the IX Conference (1984), the field of action of the Society was expanded into the study of Caprine species, the Conference held in Granada and Malaga being the first that had the name with which we know it today: Spanish Society for Sheep and Goat Production (SEOC).

The SEOC annually celebrates its scientific conference with an itinerant character, so throughout the years of its existence it has traveled through the country and even once the conference was based in a Portuguese town. Scientific sessions have always had a very wide national echo and since the XXII conference, this event gained also an international scope and character. The SEOC currently has more than 400 members. Over 150 communications are presented in the annual Conference,  in which more than 400 people are involved. Besides, SEOC organizes seminars and courses at the highest level. SEOC also publishes its own magazine focused in the dissemination of the latest scientific advances to the sheep and goat sectors. In 2015 the European College of Small Ruminant Health and Management (ECSRHM) held its annual general meeting in Castellón de la Plana, coinciding with the XL National and XVI International Congress of the SEOC. The Spanish Society honored their guests by implemented simultaneous translation in the main hall for the entire Conference.

The SEOC is a founding member of the Union of Spanish Institutions of Animal Production (Unión de Entidades Españolas de Ciencia Animal, (UEECA) and the Vet+i Foundation (Spanish Technology Platform for Animal Health). Moreover, the SEOC upholds collaborative relations with the Spanish General Council of Veterinary Associations, other Veterinary Schools and their Student Associations. Within de framework of its XLI National and XVII Internacional Conference, held in September 2016, the General Assembly  decided to put the SEOC forward as the candidate organizer to hold the 2021 International Sheep Veterinary Congress in Spain.

Main tasks at SEOC:
  • SEOC participates actively in the technical coordinating group of “Strategic and action plan to reduce the risk of selection and dissemination of antibiotic resistance”, while being represented in six other groups coordinating the same plan. These groups deal with issues related to the consumption of antibiotics in livestock farms, causes of the high use of antibiotics, plans to reduce their use, establishment of rapid diagnostic tests aimed to reduce their use, prescription of antibiotics and the development of guidelines for their correct use addressed to veterinarians as well as to cattle ranchers. All these aspects are presented by our representatives from the perspective of keeping the real situation visible and possible improvements that can be carried out in the sheep sector. (The second edition of this plan can be downloaded in this link)
  • Given the recent outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Spain, due to recent outbreaks in Morocco, MAGRAMA (Minsiterio de Agricultura y Pesca, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente), in collaboration with EuFMD (European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease), organized a training course for veterinarians in the fight against this disease. These technicians would be in charge in case it would be necessary to spread the information between the different sectors. In this sense, SEOC offered to MAGRAMA the possibility of forming partners that covered a wide geographic distribution to act as messengers of the information if necessary, Due to the limited nature of the course only a few members were admitted by MAGRAMA to attend the event. The admitted members participated actively in the course providing the vision of the sheep and goat sector.


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